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2021-12-01 08:04:54 By : Ms. Nicole Chen

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Government ministers recently announced plans to phase out some common disposable plastic products to protect the planet. The item list includes disposable coffee cups, wet tissues and cigarette filters.

This is because the main component of the filter is cellulose acetate, a plastic.

Cigarette manufacturers may face higher prices because they will be forced to find alternatives to existing technologies.

It is expected that these costs will be passed on to consumers.

Environment Minister George Eustice stated that the government intends to "launch a war" against plastic pollution.

He described plastic as "unnecessary" and "waste."

The plastic in discarded cigarette butts, as well as the toxic nicotine, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals they absorb, will enter rivers and landfills, posing serious harm to plants and wildlife.

Speaking of these changes, Mr. Eustis said: "Plastic will destroy our environment and destroy wildlife.

"It's time for us to abandon the disposable culture once and for all.

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"These new plans represent the next important step in eradicating problematic plastics.

"The current government has waged a war on unnecessary and wasteful plastics, banning the supply of plastic straws, blenders and cotton swabs, and our tote bag charges have reduced consumption in major supermarkets by 95%."

The UK uses more than 1 billion disposable plastic plates and 4.25 billion disposable tableware every year.

Only about 10% of it is recycled.

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As a result, researchers say that more than 1 million birds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles die every year from swallowing plastic garbage or being entangled in plastic garbage.

Marcus Gover, CEO of the waste reduction charity Wrap, welcomed the move and encouraged further measures. He said: “We now need to comply with regulations and ensure that all companies take steps to eliminate Problems and unnecessary plastics."

These changes happened when last year's cigarette sales increased for the first time in decades.

The US Federal Trade Commission stated in its annual cigarette report that manufacturers sold 203.7 billion cigarettes in 2020, up from 202.9 billion in 2019-an increase of 0.4%.

According to Bloomberg News, this increase may be due to people hoarding cigarettes during the pandemic for fear of shortages.

The tobacco company is one of the parties expected to be consulted in the consultation on this issue.

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