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2021-12-01 08:07:20 By : Ms. Arya He

One of the best parts of consuming cannabis is the interesting gadgets and accessories that go with it. I have a range of different tools that I like to use to make smoking easier, healthier, and more fun. The following list summarizes some of my favorites.

The lighter amulet is very suitable for protecting weeds and is also a good tool for indoor smokers. They are small silicone bands with magnetic borosilicate glass buttons, which fit almost any lighter. When you smoke and don't want to waste, a lighter amulet is used to strangle the bowl. It prevents the weeds from continuing to burn, so you can make the most of the bowl. It is also a good judgment tool-if you smoke indoors, you can use the charm of a lighter to take a sip of the bowl, and then spit the smoke into the Smokebuddy to completely remove the smoke.

Rob Healy, the founder of Lighter Charms, has an advertising background and came up with this idea after his initial exposure to marijuana. After undergoing open heart surgery and a mechanical heart valve, Healy was told by his doctor that he could no longer drink wine. However, marijuana is completely fine.

"I went to light my bowl, and then I started to extinguish it, and I thought,'What should I do?'" Healy said. "I can use my hands, I can use the bottom of the lighter, but it will smell bad."

After studying the decorative lighter market, Healy finally came up with the lighter charm as a functional solution to his problem. The charms are available in a variety of designs and can also be customized using the company logo. Lighter pendants are also great tools for self-expression, interchangeable and customizable. For Healy, this is his favorite part of the product.

"I like to collect amulets and put them in," Healy said. "You know, it fits your feelings. I can recognize my lighter now. I hate wasting weeds."

Moose Labs MouthPeace is a silicone mouthpiece with a three-layer carbon filter inside. This product will protect your lungs and prevent the spread of bacteria. I discovered MouthPeace through Instagram at the beginning of this year, and now I refuse to smoke without it. You put it on the end of the smoking device and inhale through it, filtering out tar and contaminants in the process. MouthPeace can do all these operations without removing THC molecules, resulting in a less harsh and more delicious bong rip.

In addition to being beneficial to your lungs, this product also promotes a more hygienic smoking habit. If everyone who smokes has their own MouthPeace, they can change MouthPeace every time they smoke, thereby eliminating the spread of bacteria.

According to Jay Rush, CEO and co-founder of Moose Labs, MouthPeace was originally designed as a sanitary smoking device without an air filter. It wasn't until Rush accidentally met a mysterious seed grower at the Denver cannabis event that the filter came into play.

"He said,'Dude, mouth blowing is cool, but you have to add a filter,'" Rush recalled. He told that person that he and other co-founders had tried to add an air filter, but without success.

"'Man, work harder,'" the stranger replied, so they took the weed man's advice.

"We spent 16 months developing it and doing (research and development) on it and launched it, and now we have the MouthPeace and filters you know today," Rush said, adding that they never have Have seen this mysterious person.

Cannabis wicks are another tool to promote healthier cannabis consumption. It is a long string of hemp rope coated with beeswax, which can be safer than traditional lighters. I like to wrap a hemp core on a lighter instead of

I light the bowl with a lighter, I light the marijuana wick and use it to light the bowl. By doing so, you can eliminate the harmful gas released by the inhaled lighter and create a better taste.  

In addition to the products mentioned above, I also like to make my own hemp accessories. I make cockroach clips, poker cards, tap tools and e-cigarette charms. I like to use fine metal wires and various beads to make colorful and functional accessories. If you are interested in adding some handicrafts to your hemp daily activities within your budget, you can buy supplies at most handicraft stores (such as Michaels or JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores).

You can contact Lindsay Barker at or Twitter @lindsaybarkerj.

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