Get up close with Birds'N' All-a hummingbird feeder that fits your face

2021-12-01 08:42:36 By : Ms. Denise Chen

Spring is here, which means that the hummingbirds are not far from us. People everywhere are loading hummingbird feeders, hoping to hear the humming sound every time the hummingbird hums nearby.

However, if your personal space violates their personal space, they will not get too close. Unless you happen to be wearing a hummingbird feeder on your forehead. Then they are really close.

California inventor Doyle Doss developed for this purpose:--2<: (Eye to eye) wearable hummingbird feeder. It works:

But he didn't stop there. Doss’ lists his quirky and practical inventions, including candle space heaters and hot fans that redirect warm air from the ceiling to the feet.

Therefore, if you are interested in high-tech "environmentally friendly'low-tech' solutions", then Doyle Doss is your best choice. After all, this is all he has.


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